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How much does Bill Parton Trio charge?
It depends on 3x things:
1) The exact date of your function;
2) The exact times from and till you'd like to engage Bill Parton Trio for; and
3) The exact venue that you intend to hold your function at.
In order to obtain a quote, please contact us and provide us with the required information as per above. Should you email us, please include your Mobile Telephone Number as we may give you a buzz.

Does Bill Parton Trio require a deposit?
Bill Parton Trio doesn't actually require a deposit of any kind. As far as Bill Parton Trio is concerned, once you've provided the green light and agreed to engage their services, from that point onward the arrangement is considered to be a formed legally binding contract. Bill Parton Trio requires full payment prepaid seven days in advance of the date of service. This along with all the relevant details in regards to making payment will be covered in the Terms of Engagement that will be sent out to you about 30 days in advance of your function.

Does Bill Parton Trio have any requirements?
All Bill Parton Trio requires is a minimum (ideally) of 4m x 4m worth of flat space and a single local power supply - that's it!

When does Bill Parton Trio arrive to setup?
Generally Bill Parton Trio will arrive about 45 minutes prior to the agreed start time. Regardless, whatever time Bill Parton Trio does arrive, it is assured that Bill Parton Trio will be ready to commence service as per the agreed start time.

If requested, will Bill Parton Trio arrive and setup at a specific time earlier in the day?
Yes, however it is frowned upon. An additional small fortune of a fee will apply. Please contact us for more information.

How long do Bill Parton Trio's sets go for?
Generally, it's 40-on and 20-off per hour in terms of set times. That being said, given the nature of functions, Bill Parton Trio will work closely with your MC over the course of the function to fine tune set breaks in accordance with your formalities to ensure that you receive optimum value.

What happens in terms of music during Bill Parton Trio's set breaks?
Bill Parton Trio supplies pre-recorded background music for during set breaks to keep the vibe intact.

Are we able to supply the music for during Bill Parton Trio's set breaks?
Yes. If you have specific songs you’d like played during our set breaks, you're most welcome to supply us with your own iPod/Mp3 Player with your own customised playlist on the night and we’ll play it through our PA system during set breaks accordingly.

Will band members and the AV Engineer (if applicable) require meals?

Will band members and the AV Engineer (if applicable) require both soft and alcoholic beverages?

Does Bill Parton Trio have any dietary requirements?
In terms of dietary requirements, two of the guys are allergic to seafood. Could you order ‘red meat’ meals for the band and the AV Engineer (if applicable) please? Thanks :)

What happens if we require Bill Parton Trio for longer than the time we’ve booked?
If you come to the realisation during your function that you require and extension in service, it may be negotiated there and then. However it should be noted that it may not be viable for Bill Parton Trio to continue providing service beyond the time that they’ve been engaged to perform for. Accordingly, it’s in your interests that you figure out exactly what time you’d like Bill Parton Trio to conclude providing service (even if it means engaging Bill Parton Trio beyond the anticipated conclusion time as a safety precaution).

Can we request the songs that Bill Parton Trio plays?
If you have any special requests of any particular songs from Bill Parton Trio's Song Library you'd like to hear, be sure to either email Bill Parton Trio a list in advance or present Bill Parton Trio with a list on the day of songs you’d like to hear played and they'll do their best to include as many they can!

What are Bill Parton Trio’s set lists?
Bill Parton Trio doesn’t adhere to a strict set list so to speak but instead chooses the songs on a 'song by song' basis. This ensures that what is performed suits the moment best.

If there are songs that are not within Bill Parton Trio's Song Library that we'd like played at our function, can they learn them for us?
Not really.

Does Bill Parton Trio provide an MC service?

Does Bill Parton Trio provide all necessary PA equipment?

Can we use Bill Parton Trio's microphone for speeches?
Yes. It is worth noting though that the microphone however is corded (not wireless).

Does Bill Parton Trio provide Stage Lighting?
Generally no. That being said, Bill Parton Trio is able to provide stage lighting facilities for a small additional fee. Please contact us for more information.

Does Bill Parton Trio meet up face to face with clients prior to their function upon request?
Bill Parton Trio doesn't meet up with clients prior to a functions to exclusively discuss the details. If you'd like to check out Bill Parton Trio's Gig Guide, you'll find a page listing all of Bill Parton Trio's upcoming public performances. If you would like to come along to one of the upcoming performances, it'd be a great opportunity to meet up face to face and discuss your function. Please do make yourself known and be sure to let Bill Parton Trio know of any songs that you'd like played. Alternatively, contact Bill Parton Trio via telephone (0402 612 174) to run through any specific details that you may like to discuss.

Is Bill Parton Trio able to perform at Carrick Hill?

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